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Active Citizenry

Without people’s participation, especially the youth, all plans, policies and projects seldom produce the desired results.

Like all systems of governance, democracy may have its share of shortcomings but what sets it apart is its ability to allow a two-way interaction between the people and their elected representatives and the public officials. It provides immense space for making people part of the governance at every level.

Oversight is an essential element of citizens’ participation in the process of governance. Keeping this in view Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) with the help of its member organizations established Constituency Relations Groups (CRGs). These dynamic citizen groups of volunteers, consisting of social activists, trade unionist, professional associations and youth, are a unique experiment of involving the public at grassroots level.

As citizens’ groups, the CRGs not only raise their local issues independently but will also help in achieving Supporting Transparency, Accountability and Electoral Processes in Pakistan (STAEP) results like representation of citizens’ issues in national and provincial assemblies, need based utilization of MP funds, oversight of governance processes and prices, improved electoral process, CNIC and voter registration.

These volunteer groups in 200 constituencies across the country engage in advocacy initiatives, public forums, seminars, and other related activities to promote the ideals of democratic governance.

Explore opportunities to become part of inspiring people who work for change – a change that benefits all.