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Balochistan Assembly Witnesses Low Interest of Lawmakers during 18th Session

ISLAMABAD, December 27, 2019: The 18th session of the Balochistan Assembly witnessed low attendance and less interest of the lawmakers in the parliamentary proceedings as three out of four sittings were adjourned due to lack of quorum without addressing most of the scheduled agenda, observes Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN).

The session, comprising four sittings, started on December 17, 2019, and concluded on December 26, 2019. On average, each sitting started an hour and six minutes behind the scheduled time and lasted three hours and 40 minutes.

FAFEN conducts a headcount of members at the commencement and adjournment of each sitting and also documents the actual time spent by the legislators, including the Chief Minister, Opposition Leader, Speaker, and Deputy Speaker. According to FAFEN’s observation, the lawmakers’ attendance remained low throughout the session – with an average of 14 (21%) members present at the commencement and eight (12%) at the adjournment of each sitting. The Chief Minister was present in three sittings and attended 34% of the proceedings, while the Leader of the Opposition attended four sittings and remained present during entire proceedings.

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