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Balochistan PA Adopts Five Resolutions, Leaves 25 percent Questions Unaddressed

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ISLAMABAD, August 11, 2019: The Provincial Assembly of Balochistan passed three government bills and adopted five resolutions during 15th session comprising four sittings that continued between August 3, 2019 to August 10, 2019, observes Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) in its session report.

On an average, 19 (29%) members were present at the outset and 18 (28%) at the end of each sitting. The cumulative duration of all four sittings was 12 hours and nine minutes. Each sitting, on average, started an hour and eight minutes behind the scheduled time and lasted three hours and two minutes.

The Speaker did not attend any of the four sittings of the session while Deputy Speaker was present in all sittings and presided over 67 percent of the session’s time. The Leader of the House remained present in two sittings and attended 35 percent of the session’s time, while the Opposition Leader attended all four sittings and attended 79 percent of the proceedings.

The regular as well as supplementary agenda of the House during 15th session comprised seven government bills and as many resolutions, three Adjournment Motions and ten reports of Standing Committees. The House passed three bills and adopted five resolutions while three Adjournment Motions were also taken up.

To download the report, click here