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FAFEN Survey on Perception of Corruption in Government Institutions

As many as 64 percent of Pakistanis are of the view that certain level of corruption prevails in government departments. These views were expressed...

High School Monitor: High schools lack playgrounds, PTIs

A report based on monitoring of 145 government high schools during March and April 2012 across Pakistan. Of the 145 government high schools monitored by Active Citizens Project (ACP) volunteers, 59 were found to be without playgrounds which are important for children's development as they not only offer a place for physical activity but also serve as a platform for social interaction.

Primary School Monitor: Primary schools lack non-teaching staff

A report based on monitoring of 450 primary schools during March and April 2012. Of the 450 primary schools monitored by the Active Citizens' Project (ACP) volunteers, 93% were without sanitary workers, 74% had no security guards and 62% did not have peons. The availability of non-teaching staff is not only essential for a clean and secure learning environment for children but is also important to provide adequate support to teaching staff and the school management.

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