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Disease Burden Down in August

A report based on monitoring of 92 health offices in as many districts across Pakistan in August

ISLAMABAD, November 16, 2012: Disease burden in August decreased on average by 3% in each district – 2,435,833 cases reported across 92 districts compared with the preceding month’s figures of 2,470,345 in 90 districts says a Free and Fair Election (FAFEN) report.

FAFEN governance monitors who visited 92 health offices revealed Respiratory Tract Infections (RTIs) constituted 38% (936,385 cases) of the total disease burden. The highest reporting districts for these infections included Faisalabad (94,505), Gujranwala (45,493) and Sialkot (39,711). Gastrointestinal infections followed with 21% of the total disease burden; out of 512,985 cases of this infection, 92% were those of diarrhea and dysentery and 8% of gastroenteritis.

Among skin diseases, the monitors observed only scabies that had 275,192 cases. Faisalabad (27,646), Gujranwala (12,482) and Nankana Sahib (12,079) reported the most cases. As many as 2,883 cases of viral diseases were registered with 92% being those of hepatitis. Gujranwala (674), Gujrat (532) and Swat (227) had the highest number of such cases. In addition, 202 cases of measles, probable poliomyelitis (20) and suspected Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS; 13) were also reported. Out of 4,172 cases of diseases transmitted through mosquito bite, 4,167 were of malaria.

Also, five cases of dengue surfaced – two each in Toba Tek Singh and Okara and one in Sahiwal. There were a total of 2,182 bacterial disease cases – 2,170 being those of tuberculosis reported in 34 districts. Sahiwal (224), Gujranwala (219) and Bahawalpur (213) had the most cases. In addition, 12 cases of tetanus were registered – 11 in Karachi East and one in Kech. Moreover, 9,821 animal bite cases were reported – dog bites (90%) and snake bites with signs of poisoning (10%). Out of 10 districts that reported the highest disease burden, nine were in Punjab and one in Sindh.

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