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FAFEN Parliament Monitor: Senate of Pakistan 100th Session January 2 – 20, 2014

Law and order and employment quotas in natural resource rich areas were the main concerns of Senators. Almost a third of the 100th session’s duration was spent in the PPPP and ANP led criticisms of government, amid an overall atmosphere of low attendance and participation, says the Free and Fair Election Network in its report based on direct observation of the Senate.

Criticizing the federal and provincial governments for failing to maintain law and order, legislators highlighted the need for a counter-terrorism strategy in Pakistan and Afghanistan by moving a Motion under Rule 218. The Senators also aired grievances about the failure of the Karachi operation and missing persons in Balochistan. A general discussion on law and order took place with an emphasis on attacks on political party workers and candidates in KP and criticism of PTI led provincial government.

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