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FAFEN Releases Key Election Observation Findings 2018

ISLAMABAD, November 30, 2018: Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) released its key observation findings of the General Election 2018 in a press conference here today. The major findings include Significant Improvements Accompanied by Persisting Irregularities; Statistically Improbable Voting Patterns; Illegalities and Irregularities Disaggregated by Region and Polling Stations; Inconsistent Enforcement of Electoral Laws and Regulations; Conduct of Security Officials; Facilitating Voters with Special Needs and Voters Belonging to Marginalized Groups; Meagre Presence of International Election Observers; ‘Unrepresentativeness’ of First-Past-the-Post System; Voter Registration and Turnout; Invalid Ballots and Margin of Victory (MoV); Parallel Vote Tabulation; Mainstream Parties Dominate Majority of Polling Stations; Assessment of Election Result Forms; Turnout Trends at Polling Stations; Distribution of Last Digits of Polling Station Result Counts and Over-Crowded Polling Stations.

To download the key findings, click here