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National Assembly Leaves 78 Percent Agenda Unaddressed

ISLAMABAD, January 26, 2021: The National Assembly left 78 percent of its agenda unaddressed on Private Members’ Day and referred four bills to the relevant standing committees after their introduction, observers Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) in its Daily Factsheet on Tuesday.

Following are key observations of the proceedings during third sitting of the 28th session:

Members’ Participation

  • The National Assembly met for two hours and 10 minutes; however, the proceedings remained suspended for 26 minutes due to prayer break.
  • The sitting started at 1648 hours against the scheduled time of 1600 hours.
  • The Deputy Speaker presided over the entire sitting in the absence of Speaker.
  • The Leaders of the House (Prime Minister) and the Opposition did not attend the sitting.
  • As many as 62 (17%) lawmakers were present at the outset and 43 (13%) at the adjournment of the sitting.
  • The parliamentary leaders of PPPP, GDA, AMLP, MMAP, PML and BAP attended the sitting.
  • Five minority lawmakers were present.


  • The House witnessed introduction of four private members’ bills which were referred to the relevant standing committees after their introduction in the House. These bills were The NCS-Institute of Sciences Bill, 2020; the Ibadat International University Islamabad Bill, 2020; the Legal Practitioners and Bar Councils (Amendment) Bill, 2020 (Section-5 and Schedule-II) and the Prohibition of Kite Flying Bill, 2020.
  • Eleven bills were deferred on the request of movers or relevant ministers. These bills were the Children (Pledging of Labour) (Amendment) Bill, 2020; the Constitution (Amendment) Bill, 2020 (Amendment in Article-84); the Recusant Witnesses (Repeal) Bill, 2020; the Registration (Amendment) Bill, 2020; the Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill, 2020 (Section- 489F and Schedule- II); the Port Qasim Authority (Amendment) Bill, 2020; the Constitution (Amendment) Bill, 2020 (Amendment in Articles- 1,51and106); the Trade Organizations (Amendment) Bill, 2020; the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Amendment) Bill, 2020; the Pakistan Penal Code (Amendment) Bill, 2020 and the Code of Criminal Procedure (Amendment) Bill, 2020;
  • The House rejected eight motions for introduction of as many bills which were the Pakistan Penal Code (Amendment) Bill, 2020; the National Database and Registration Authority (Amendment) Bill, 2020; the Offences in Respect of Banks (Special Courts) (Amendment) Bill, 2020; the Anti-terrorism (Amendment) Bill, 2020; the Customs (Amendment) Bill, 2020; the Constitution (Amendment) Bill, 2020. (Insertion of Article-34A); the Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill, 2020 (section 365-C) and the Control of Narcotic Substances (Amendment) Bill, 2020.
  • A bill – the National Accountability (Amendment) Bill, 2020 – was withdrawn by its movers while the Surveying and Mapping (Amendment) Bill, 2020 was dropped due to mover’s absence.
  • The House did not consider 18 other private members’ bills, five motions under Rule 259, two resolutions, 37 reports of standing committees, amendments to rules of procedure and conduct of Business in National Assembly 2007, two matters of urgent public importance and a Calling Attention Notice.

Representation and Responsiveness

  • Parliamentary Secretary for Interior responded to a Calling Attention Notice regarding charging of fee from Malaysian citizens for visa extension in Pakistan. The notice was referred to the relevant Standing Committee for further consideration.
  • Moved by a PPPP lawmaker, the Chair admitted an adjournment motion for debate which was regarding recent hike in prices of electricity.

Order and Institutionalization

  • Four lawmakers spoke on points of order for 13 minutes.
  • The House was adjourned the meet again on January 29, 2021 (Friday) at 1100 hours.


  • Orders of the Day was available to legislators, observers and public.
  • Attendance of lawmakers was available to media and observers.

This daily factsheet is based on direct observation of the National Assembly proceedings conducted by Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN). Errors and omissions are excepted