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National Assembly Transacts Only 30% Scheduled Business during 10th Session

ISLAMABAD, May 14, 2019: The National Assembly of Pakistan (NA) addressed less than one third (or 30 percent) of its scheduled business during its 10th session that continued between May 24, 2019 and May 31, 2019, observes Free and Fair Election Network in its session report.

Of 342 lawmakers, 73 (21 percent) including 50 men and 23 women contributed to the proceedings of the House by sponsoring various parliamentary interventions and/or contributing in the debates. The active lawmakers belonged to BNP-M, JUI, MMAP, MQM, PML-N, PPPP and PTI. On the other hand, 268 (78 percent) lawmakers including 222 men and 46 women did not participate in the proceedings throughout the session. The lawmakers who did not participate in the proceedings belonged to AMLP, ANP, BAP, BNP-M, GDA, JWP, MMAP, MQM, PML, PML-N, PPPP, PTI and four independent candidates.

The overall business including regular and supplementary agenda brought before the House during ninth session comprised one government and 11 private members’ bills, five resolutions, six Calling Attention Notices (CANs), a standing committee report, 64 questions, five Motions under Rule 259, two matters of public importance under Rule-87, a Motion under Rule 244(B) and a discussion on the Motion of Thanks to the President for his annual address to the Parliament.

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