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Punjab Assembly Takes Up 88 Percent Agenda during Tenth Session

  • 67 percent lawmakers remain inactive during Budget Discussion
  • Women MPs participate more actively than Men during Budget Speeches

The Provincial Assembly of Punjab addressed 88 percent of its scheduled agenda during 10th session and also passed the provincial budget for financial year 2019-20, observes Free and Fair Election Networks (FAFEN) in its session report.

The regular business transacted by the House included six legislative proposals, seven reports and papers, four resolutions, two Call Attention Notices (CANs), an amendment to the assembly rules and nine starred questions.

The House passed the Punjab Finance Bill, 2019 and approved 41 Demands for Grants pertaining to various public departments while it rejected seven cut motions of opposition lawmakers with majority votes.

Of 369 lawmakers, 121 (33 percent) contributed to the budget debate. Among them, 41 were female legislators while 80 were male lawmakers. The interest of women legislators in budget was higher than men lawmakers in context of their total membership in the House.

As many as 41 of 73 women MPs (56 percent) while 80 out of 296 (27 percent) men legislators participated in budget debate. The members belonged to PTI (55), PML-N (53), PPPP (six), PML (four), two independent candidates and one belonging to PRHP actively participated in budget debate.

On the other hand, 248 (67 percent) lawmakers did not take part in the budget debate. Amongst them, 126 belonged to PTI, 113 to PML-N, six to PML, two independent candidates and one belonged to PPPP remained among inactive members during the budget debate.

To download the complete report, click here