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Senate Addresses 85% Agenda with 67 Percent Attendance

  • 59 Lawmakers Participate in Proceedings
  • Upper House Disapproves PMDC Ordinance, 2019

ISLAMABAD, September 4, 2019: The Senate addressed 85 percent of its scheduled business during its 293rd session that continued between August 29, 2019, and September 3, 2019, observes Free and Fair Election Network in its session report.

Of 103 lawmakers in the House at present, 59 (57 percent) including 45 men and 14 women Senators contributed to the proceedings of the House by sponsoring various parliamentary interventions and/or contributing in the debates. On the other hand, 44 (43 percent) lawmakers including 38 men and six women did not participate in the proceedings throughout the session.

The overall business brought before the House during the 293rd session comprised 17 legislative proposals including four Ordinances, seven resolutions, two Calling Attention Notices (CANs), 11 starred questions, six Motions under Rule 18 and a motion under Rule 126 (7).

To download the complete report, click here