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Welfare Association Jared

Welfare Association Jared (WAJ) was established in 1988 as a not-for-profit and non-governmental organization (NGO) to work for the basic rights of men, women, deprived and the marginalized communities. WAJ actively advocates livelihood and human rights of the marginalized to bring about the much needed policy and institutional changes in the state structures.

In 1992, Welfare Association Jared (WAJ) implemented a program for disaster relief assistance for the victims of flash floods in the Kaghan valley of Mansehra District. This provided an opportunity to reach out to the most marginalized citizens. Through its network of Communities Organizations (COs) and the hard work of its volunteers, WAJ successfully supported flood affectees by providing food, non-food items, emergency health support and rehabilitation of community infrastructure. This was a key milestone and catalyst in WAJ history as it provided the organization the opportunity to directly realize the potential of community organization. The success of this program was a key factor in galvanizing support for WAJ brand of community-based policy advocacy for empowering the marginalized.

A strategic plan was developed with Sungi Development Organization to increase its outreach to the marginalized villages of District Mansehra. WAJ has reached far beyond its district through its advocacy campaigns and joined various advocacy and human rights networks across the country.

Its Vision is a “Democratic, peaceful, prosperous and environmental friendly society” while the Mission of the organization is to “Bring about democratic stability, economic prosperity by mobilizing the marginalized community in a way so that they may be able to transform their lives through NR conservation, management and development of renewable natural resources and better use of human resources.”