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Governance Monitoring Press Releases

Tomato, Potato, Onion Register Price Decrease in February

As many as 19 commodities registered a price decrease, 26 commodities an increase while the prices of 16 commodities remained the same during February 2011 as compared to January 2011, according to FAFEN Retail Price Monitor for the month of February released here Thursday.

38% Boys High Schools Lack Libraries, Playgrounds

As many as 38% government boys high schools do not have a library, 40% lack playgrounds and 42% do not have security guards, according to FAFEN’s monitoring of state-run boys high schools across the country during January, 2011. The government needs to resolve infrastructural issues and ensure the availability of key facilities in order to improve standards of secondary education in the country, says FAFEN’s Education Institution Monitor released here Monday.

Polio Persists Despite 17 Years of Campaigning

One confirmed Polio case was reported in Pakistan’s largest metropolis, Karachi, in November 2010, indicating the persistence of the viral disease despite aggressive vaccination campaigns by the government since 1993 for its eradication.

Girls Primary Schools Lack Non-Teaching Staff, Arrangements for Drinking Water

Government Girls’ Primary Schools lack non-teaching staff and arrangement of clean drinking water for students, according to FAFEN Education Monitor, based on the monitoring of 137 Girls Primary Schools in 87 districts of four provinces and FATA.

Weak Physical Infrastructure of Dispensaries Warrants Urgent Government Attention

ISLAMABAD, January 31, 2011: The physical infrastructure of state-run dispensaries needs urgent attention of government as buildings of more than 37% of 111 dispensaries, monitored by FAFEN during the month of December were in dilapidated condition.

33 Commodities Register Price Increase in January

ISLAMABAD, January 26, 2011: The price of tomato, cooking ghee and oil, rice, meat, eggs, fruits and kitchen fuel registered a varying degree of increase in the month of January, 2011 as compared to their price in December, 2010, according to FAFEN Retail Price Monitor, released here Wednesday.

Government Boys Primary Schools More Teachers, Facilities Needed

ISLAMABAD, January 14, 2011: More teachers are required to improve the teacher-student ratio in Government Boys Primary Schools across the country as a prerequisite to enhancing the quality of education, says FAFEN’s Education Institution Monitor released here Friday.

Inadequate Maternity Care Infrastructure at BHUs

ISLAMABAD, January 2, 2011: Basic Health Units (BHUs) across the country are significantly deficient in the provision of maternity services as a significant percentage of the BHUs monitored during November 2010 lacked essential infrastructure and supplies such as labor rooms and delivery kits that are critical to safe child births.

Onion, Sugar, Potato Prices Decrease in December

ISLAMABAD, December 31, 2010: The prices of onion and sugar, which significantly increased during the past few months, considerably decreased in December, 2010. Nationwide, as many as 17 commodities including potato, onion, sugar, pulses and meat came down by an average of 7% during December as compared to their respective prices in November 2010, says FAFEN’s Retail Price Monitor released here Friday.

Lax Security, Inadequate Facilities Observed at Girls Middle Schools

ISLAMABAD, December 16, 2010: Almost three fourths (72%) of the Girls’ Middle Schools in the country do not have any security arrangements, according to FAFEN Education Institution Monitor, which is based on the monitoring of 106 Girls Middle Schools across Pakistan during October 2010.

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