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More Resources Needed to Boost TB Control Efforts

ISLAMABAD, December 8, 2010: More investments in basic facilities and equipment are essential to improve the services at the Tuberculosis Health Centers (TBHCs) across Pakistan that are relatively better staffed and adequately stocked with medicines as compared to other government-run healthcare outlets in Pakistan, thus enjoying a higher level of patient satisfaction, according to FAFEN’s monthly Health Institution Monitor released here Wednesday.

Onion, Sugar, Potato Prices Register Extraordinary Increase in November

ISLAMABAD, December 5, 2010: Prices of some important food commodities including onion, sugar and potato increased extraordinarily during November as compared to their prices in October 2010, according to FAFEN’s monthly Retail Price Monitor released here Sunday.

20% Teaching Posts Vacant in Girls Colleges Across Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, November 28, 2010: More than one fifth of the teaching posts at government-run colleges for women, monitored by Free and Fair Election (FAFEN) during September 2010, were vacant across the country, according to FAFEN Education Institution Monitor released here Sunday.

Prices Register 8% Decrease in October

ISLAMABAD, November 24, 2010: Prices of important food and consumer items decreased in the month of October as compared to September 2010. The prices of 22 consumer commodities including onion, rice, milk, apple, gram pulse and tomato, etc. decreased by varying degrees, according to FAFEN Retail Price Monitor released here Wednesday.

116 Suspected HIV/AIDS Cases Reported in Gujrat from December 2010 to August this year

ISLAMABAD, November 21: Out of the 118 suspected HIV/AIDS cases reported in state-run health offices from December 2010 to August 2011, 116 have been reported in Punjab’s Gujrat district, according to three health scan reports released by Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) on Monday.

Wide Regional Disparities in Rural Healthcare Centers Nationwide

ISLAMABAD, November 15, 2010: Wide regional disparities in infrastructure, basic equipment, services and facilities at Rural Health Centers (RHCs) across provinces necessitate prompt government action for allocation of equitable resources and enforcement of effective oversight mechanism to ensure improved access to healthcare to more than 60% of population residing in

Food Prices Up by 8% in September

ISLAMABAD, September 29, 2010: Consumers across the country had to face an extraordinary hike in the prices of consumer commodities in the month of September, as the prices of 46 consumer items and services (out of 69 commodities monitored by FAFEN) increased by an average of 7%when compared with August.

BHUs under-staffed, ill-equipped to deal with emergencies

ISLAMABAD, September 21, 2010: Patients with emergency conditions do not have access to adequate medical care at the Basic Health Units (BHUs) in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), Balochistan and Sindh, as most of these building blocks of the country's healthcare system lack life-saving equipment such as oxygen tents and many of them are under-staffed, reports FAFEN’s Health Institution Monitor for the month of September 2010, released here Tuesday.

Food prices show mixed trend in September, high in flooded districts

ISLAMABAD, September 8, 2010: The prices of some commonly used food items, which skyrocketed at the beginning of Ramadan decreased by the end of this holy month, but this relative price relief was not extended to the consumers in the flood hit regions.However, the prices of some of the food commodities continued to rise, according to FAFEN Retail Price Monitor released here Wednesday.

Lack of facilities and absence of doctors in dispensaries warrant government attention

ISLAMABAD, September 3, 2010: A dispensary is the basic unit in state-run primary healthcare service delivery system. However, this building block of primary healthcare is tainted by poor infrastructure, lack of basic facilities, unavailability of medicines, absence of doctors and female staff and weak oversight, warranting immediate governmental attention, reports FAFEN’s Health Institution Monitor for the month of August 2010, released here on Friday.

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