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Murder, attempted murder most widespread crimes in May 2011

Murder remained the most prevalent crime in the country during May 2011. FAFEN collected the number of FIRs registered against 27 offences in 63...

29,221 FIRs Registered in 50 Districts during March 2011

ISLAMABAD, June 27, 2011: As many as 29,221 First Information Reports (FIRs) were registered in 50 districts monitored by FAFEN during March 2011. According to FAFEN’s collection of crime statistics in 50 districts of the country for the month of March 2011, nearly one fourth (23%) of FIRs were recorded in Lahore district of Punjab.

Murder and Attempted Murder Make 5% of Total Crime Caseload in 72 Districts

The cases of murder and attempted murder continued to dominate the crime figures in the country in terms of spread and intensity during the...

670 Murder FIRs Registered in 60 Districts During December 2010

ISLAMABAD, March 8, 2011: A total of 23,439 First Information Reports (FIRs) were registered with the police in 67 districts monitored by the Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) during the month of December 2010. Of the total registered crimes, 1,422 cases (6%) pertained to murder and attempted murder, according to FAFEN’s monthly Pakistan Crime Monitor, the first report of which was released here Tuesday.

Murder Cases Up 8% in June

Murder cases went up 8% with 1,085 being reported in 85 districts in June as compared with May figures of 996 covering 80 districts....

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