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DHQs Lack Specialized Medical Services

ISLAMABAD, 2 March 2013: At least 45% District Headquarter Hospitals (DHQs) did not have cardiology, chest specialist, orthopedic and psychiatry departments, says a Free and Fair Election (FAFEN) report. A report based on monitoring of 65 District Head Quarters Hospitals across Pakistan in December 2012.

BHUs Lack Trained Staff for Disease Control Programs

ISLAMABAD, December 11, 2012: Half of the monitored Basic Health Units (BHUs) did not have specially trained staff to treat tuberculosis (TB) patients while around one-third lacked staff to run the Control of Diarrheal Disease (CDD) and Malaria Control Programs (MCP), says a Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) report released here on Tuesday.

RHCs Lack Medical Equipment and Basic Amenities

ISLAMABAD, November 13, 2012: Among the 144 Rural Health Centers monitored in September, 88 lacked ECG machines, 54 were without x-ray facilities, 33 had no oxygen tents and 24 did not have sterilizers, says a Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) report.

Low Government Oversight of Dispensaries

ISLAMABAD, October 5: The data gathered in August shows government/elected officials made only 83 visits to the monitored dispensaries (June-August 2012 quarter), meaning at least 50% facilities were ignored altogether, says a Free and Fair Election (FAFEN) report.

Medical Staff Positions Vacant at DHQs

ISLAMABAD, September 26, 2012: Most sanctioned positions of medical staff lay vacant at District Headquarter Hospitals (DHQs) monitored in July with 14 out of the observed 20 having less than 70% occupancy rate, says a Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) report.

Shortage of Medical Staff for Women at THQs

About two-thirds positions of gynecologists unfilled Two-fifths positions of women medical officers also vacant A report based on the monitoring of 81 Tehsil Headquarter...

Most Dispensaries Lack Syringe Cutters, Sterilizers and Medicines

More than three-fifths of the 150 dispensaries monitored by the Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) in March were found to be without syringe...

Specialised Services Lacking at DHQs; Effective Oversight Required

ISLAMABAD: Specialised services were found lacking at the District Headquarter Hospitals (DHQs) monitored in February 2012. Of the 65 such facilities monitored, three-fourths did...

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