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80% Rise in Cases of Measles

A significant increase of 80% was recorded in cases of measles in November - 247 cases reported in 17 districts as compared to 137 in 16 districts in the preceding month. Measles is considered highly contagious and chances of infection increase in late winter and spring.

Disease Burden Down in August

A report based on monitoring of 92 health offices in as many districts across Pakistan in August ISLAMABAD, November 16, 2012: Disease burden in August decreased on average...

Skin Diseases Up 15% in July

ISLAMABAD, October 1: Skin diseases increased 15% with average 3,275 scabies cases being reported per district in July as compared with 2,842 recorded in the preceding month, says a Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) report.

60% Increase in Cases of Gastrointesinal Infections

During the March-May 2012 quarter, cases of gastrointestinal diseases, which include diarrhea and dysentery and gastroenteritis, went up by 60% per district. A total...

FAFEN Health Scan: Gastrointestinal Infections on the Rise

Gastrointestinal infections which include diarrhea and dysentery and gastroenteritis saw an increase of 32% with 574,168 cases reported in 85 districts in April. The comparative statistics for these infections in March were 372,411 cases, recorded in 73 districts. However, diarrhea and dysentery constituted a higher percentage of gastrointestinal infections in the reporting period (92%) than that recorded in the preceding month (86%). Rahimyar Khan (37,636) reported the most cases of diarrhea while Lahore (22,697) had the highest number of gastroenteritis cases.

Malaria and Dengue on the Rise

Diseases transmitted through mosquitoes saw a significant increase with 2,340 cases of malaria reported in 20 districts in March as compared to 872 in...

Rise in Cases of Infant Mortality

ISLAMABAD, March 30 2012: Cases of infant mortality registered an increase in December last year as compared to the preceding month – an average...

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