SenateSenate Annual Report


Senate Annual Report

Senate Legislative Output Falls During 16th Parliamentary Year

House Transacts 78 Percent Business, Passes 20 Government and Six Private Members’ Bills ISLAMABAD, March 15, 2019: With the post-election change in its leadership and...

15th Parliamentary Year: Senate Stands for Parliamentary Supremacy, Intra-Institutional Dialogue

ISLAMABAD, March 11, 2018: During the fifteenth Parliamentary Year ending in March 11, 2018, the Senate set outstanding benchmarks of punctuality, efficiency and responsiveness,...

Report on the Senate performance during the Eleventh Parliamentary Year 2013-14

The Senate ended its eleventh parliamentary year 2013-14 on 11th March, 2014. The Senate annual year 2013-2014 bore testimony to some crucial political developments in the country. The caretaker set up was in place in early 2013 to oversee the general elections. The elections led to first ever transition from a democratically elected government to another with the continuity of the Senate in perpetuating democracy. A distinguishing feature of the National Assembly Senate relationship after the General Elections 2013 is the dominance of opposition parties in the Senate. The Senate is in position to act as counterbalance on legislative developments.

FAFEN Parliament Monitor Senate of Pakistan Annual Report 2011-2012

National security issues, political instability and executive-judiciary tension largely dominated the proceedings of the nine sessions of Senate held during July 2011 to March...

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